Private Practice


As part of our service we offer private classes to busy working professionals from the convenience of their office. We create bespoke programmes that help realign your balance, poise, posture and co-ordination. Not only can this help alleviate pain and strengthen your spine, but it also helps you stand tall and prouder. Having worked with a number of professional women over the years, we have often discovered their inner insecurities and fear, despite having risen up the corporate ladder. And so we use posture and presence as a tool to build stronger more resilient women who know how to utilise body language to make sure they feel confident from the inside out. 


Contact us to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation to understand how we can best help you.  We look forward to hearing from you.


"Abi has a sense of calm to her that is so rounded and down to earth. She is utterly approachable and creates a confidence in me that allows for a much more rewarding work life.  She straightens me out physically and mentally. Setting me off with my feet planted firmly on the ground and my head levelled out between sessions.  I honestly can’t recommend her enough. She will calm your mind, cleanse your body and feed your soul. 

Tara Scammell, Freelance Producer