Our Story


Founded by Abi Wright a Londoner and expat to New York, Abi has lived an incredibly diverse life and has felt the entire gamut of being a woman in the workplace. Having struggled with confidence and self-esteem issues as an actor before seeing first hand the challenges of being a working women whilst employed as an executive assistant, she founded Inspiring Margot to combine her two passions: empowering women and improving posture. With a background in health and wellness and having dedicated time to yoga trainings as well as becoming a life and performance coach, she then spent three years studying full time to become an Alexander Technique specialist; and set up her own successful private practice a number of years ago.


  • 15 years theatre and film experience, NYC and London

  • 10 years corporate experience, including PA to the Owners of Manchester United FC

  • 17 years experience studying, training and teaching different mind body practices:

        Yoga / meditation

        Life and performance coaching

        Alexander Technique

  • 5 years business founder and CEO experience


However, Abi wanted to use her skill and experience to make a real impact on the world, and so when her daughter was born on International Women’s Day she felt compelled to found a new brand, Inspiring Margot, a company with one singular drive: to impact upon the way women interact and view themselves in the workplace. With noble ambitions, Abi hopes to make genuine change in the world so that as Margot grows and develops, she is surrounded by women and a world that supports and nourishes. In building confident women Abi wants to form the role models that inspire Margot and children everywhere, that make them believe they are defined not by the external: neither by their gender nor by their looks, but by hard work, determination and skill. Creating a space where they can feel confident with individuals leading the way; acting with dignity and confidence in whatever role they choose whether that’s as a stay-at-home mum, lawyer or astronaut or the millions of other possibilities open to them. Allowing them to stand on our shoulders so they can stand tall for the next generation.