Collaborating with some incredibly impressive and passionate women, we are proud to offer events of inspiration and resonance. This is an aspect of our brand that grew naturally as we were lucky enough to connect with some fantastic women entrepreneurs who wanted to share their story; we have co-run events right across London that help us build a community of empowered women. Providing women a safe space in which to share we are keen to see these mirrored right across the UK and, ideally, the world as we look to spread the Inspiring Margot mission of creating empowered and emboldened women and girls. In line with this vision we also offer inspiring and motivating speakers to contribute at other talks that are in line with our vision.



Are you putting on an event promoting women and gender equality within the workplace?  Then we've got the perfect package for you.  We've created an inspiring and interactive programme that combines the expertise and stories of three women from the posture, voice and women's empowerment fields.  These women will share their stories, offer practical advice and inspire you to simply be you.  This is a hugely popular programme so get in touch to learn more.  


Our founder Abi Wright speaks on how we can empower women to have beautiful posture, build body confidence and learn how to own their space.  She is passionate about all women being seen and heard as role models for the next generation.  How can we expect our daughters to stand tall and stand up for what they believe in if they don't see us do that?


Stef Steen has been training to become a psychotherapist for five years with a special interest on Voice and Sound and it's capacity for empowerment and healing.  She had worked with international voice experts to develop her own practice.  No stranger to the corporate world, Stef ran the Womenswear Colour department for M&S for almost a decade.  Stef believes that living authentically is the key to a more fulfilling life and that one tool for doing this, is the Voice.


Nikki Allen is a writer, coach and speaker who has worked with 4000+ people all over the world.  She's presented at the UN, spoken at Women for Women International and coached people in many of the world's largest corporations.  Her passion now is empowering women to become their whole selves, by embracing ALL of who they are (even the parts they might want to hide).

Women Together at LAST


Women Together at Last are events we hold in collaboration with The Last Crumb Cafe, Stoke Newington Church Street every few months.   They consist of a relaxed and inspiring evening of talks, sharing of stories and experiences, and of course delicious drinks and nibbles.

We love bringing the women of our community together so watch this space for our next event! 



We're really excited to be working on a Pop up! designed to build the confidence and visibility of the female workforce.  Working with some incredibly inspiring and passionate women we hope to have this up and running very shortly.  Watch this space!